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  • Out of the Furnace (2013)

    Furnace (2013)

    by Steve HabratOver the past few years, it seems that it has become routine for Hollywood to release one or two rundown drama-thrillers a year that feature... Read more

    The 08 December 2013 by   Flyboysteve87
  • The Color Noir

    Color Noir

    Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? There are those who have deep reservations about applying the noir label to any film not shot in black and... Read more

    The 14 December 2013 by   Colin
  • Crimes of the Heart

    Crimes Heart

    Film: Crimes of the Heart Format: Streaming video from NetFlix on laptop. At my core, I am a practical person. I can’t say I was looking forward to watching... Read more

    The 25 December 2013 by   Sjhoneywell
  • Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Strangelove Learned Stop Worrying Love Bomb

    An Air Force general (Sterling Hayden) has just flown off the handle and issues an aerial attack order on Russia, one which will surely result in global... Read more

    The 14 December 2013 by   Kaiser31083
  • The Polar Express

    Polar Express

    A young kid on the verge of Christmas disbelief and with a strong inclination to see Santa hops aboard a magical locomotive which appears out of thin air right... Read more

    The 25 December 2013 by   Kaiser31083
  • #1,233. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

    #1,233. Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

    Directed By: Jim SharmanStarring: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry BostwickTag line: "Give yourself over to absolute pleasure"Trivia: Meat Loaf has no spoken... Read more

    The 31 December 2013 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • Into the West (1992)

    Into West (1992)

    Although it may be a little intense for young tykes due to its alcoholism, poverty, and prejudice themes, "Into the West" is an overall charming and appealing... Read more

    The 20 December 2013 by   Quirkybibliophile
  • The Bone Collector (1999) Review

    Bone Collector (1999) Review

    Quadripeligic ex-cop Lincoln Rhyme (Washington) gets involved in a police investigation after people are being abducted in taxi’s and left in sadistic ways to... Read more

    The 21 December 2013 by   Caz
  • The Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby

    Watch Trailer :-The Great Gatsby(Trailer) Watch Movie :-The Great Gatsby(Full Movie Online) Title: The Great Gatsby(2013) Duration: 143 min Cast: Leonardo... Read more

    The 07 December 2013 by   Neelofar Malik
  • Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 Movie Review

    Aamir Khan’s Dhoom Movie Review

    Story Dhoom 3 is the story of Saahir-the clown (Aamir Khan) who wants to take revenge for the death of his father. He plans a series of robberies and escapes... Read more

    The 20 December 2013 by   Cinecorn


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