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Here Comes Santa Clause!

Posted on the 08 December 2013 by Jamesswezey
It was another busy day for work. Although I ended up chasing my tail all over creation because I had one appointment go longer than it should of, which therefore made me late for the rest of my appointments. So from 9:30am-5pm I was running around like a madman trying to get all of my appointments done, which is no small feat when they are spread throughout the radius of a very large city. I then had a lovely dinner party that I hosted with some of my co-workers which was a lot of fun. Thank you Phoebe, Zee, and Katie for an excellent time, and I wish that the rest of the team could have made it; oh well, maybe next time. Well, today for a song we have "Here Comes Santa Clause" from a time period when people actually used to write original Christmas songs instead of just rehashing the old ones in different ways. Gene Autry is an awesome singer, and I love his Christmas songs; there is something very.....I don't know, "Christmasy" when he or someone like Nat King Cole sings such songs that people don't sing that way anymore. Maybe I'm just old fashioned; below is some information on the song provided by www.wikipedia.org:
"Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)" is a Christmas song written by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman.Autry got the idea for the song after riding his horse in the 1946 Santa Claus Lane Parade (now the Hollywood Christmas Parade) in Los Angeles during which crowds of spectators chanted, "Here comes Santa Claus". This inspired him to write a song that Haldeman set to music. A demo recording was made by singer/guitarist Johnny Bond, whose recording made use of ice cubes to mimic the sound of the jingling sleigh-bells. This inspired the use of real sleigh-bells in Autry's own recording of the song.Autry first recorded the song in 1947; released as a single by Columbia Records, it became a #5 country and #9 pop hit.[1] Autry performed the song in his 1949 movie The Cowboy and the Indians. He re-recorded it again for Columbia in 1953 and once more for his own Challenge Records label in 1957.Elvis Presley recorded another popular version of the song for Elvis' Christmas Album in 1957. Other artists to record the song include Doris Day (1949), Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters (1950), the Ray Conniff Singers (1959), Alvin and the Chipmunks (1961), Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans (1963), Willie Nelson (1979), The Wiggles (1997), Billy Idol (2006), Bob Dylan (2009), Mariah Carey (2010), Chicago (2011), and the cast of Glee (2013)."Here Comes Santa Claus" was featured in Very Merry Christmas Songs which is part of the Disney Sing Along Songs collection.The song was used in the 1989 Christmas film National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the 1974 television special The Year Without a Santa Claus and the 2007 Christmas film Fred Claus.
Rapper Ludacris' Christmas song "Ludacrismas" (2007), also from the movie Fred Claus, features the first four lyrics from "Here Comes Santa Claus".
That's about all I have in me, so goodnight everyone. 18 days until Christmas!
Gene Autry singing "Here Comes Santa Claus"

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