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MOVIE TALK ON SUNDAY - 14th August 2011

Posted on the 09 August 2011 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
MOVIE TALK ON SUNDAY - 14th August 2011Brushing away my doubts I'm happy to say that the first ever #MTOS (Movie Talk On Sunday) went well. It is just the beginning, but I can't thank enough all the film enthusiasts who joined in. As promised I could see new friendships being formed (okay too mushy, so maybe we stick to new followers being added) and new films being discovered. That and the brilliant conversations that went on is the sole purpose of #MTOS.
In case you are new and want to find out what #MTOS is, please click here.
A few observation/suggestions/requests before we talk about next weeks topic and questions;
Remember to always #MTOS all your replies. Even if you are going off on a tangent, still use #MTOS. This way everyone can read your replies even if they don't follow you.
Although I loved the extra attention with the mentions (@raghavmodi) when answering questions there isn't a real need to mention me (or the host of the week). This will also give you those essential extra letters. Simply use #MTOS. Obviously if you are in conversation with me or someone you will mention the person.
When answering the questions just so people can relate your answer to the right question you can start by mentioning the number of the question, so like A1, A2, A3... and then proceed with the answer.
If possible try and RT the questions as well. This will help the questions reach a much wider audience as I could see people discovering #MTOS as we all tweeted.
The first rule of #MTOS is that there is no rule, well except that we all act as respectable adults. So, if you join in late, no problem. Want to answer a question you missed or thought of a better answer, no problem. Want to leave early, no problem.
We Need You: We need you to help us organise. It's not tedious work, but mostly we need people to help us with ideas for topics and then come up with questions that can be posted in a blog like this in advance for all to see.
We need you as administrators during #MTOS. All that means is that you will be hosting and tweeting the questions every 10 minutes that Sunday. It's a great way to get followers and meet new people.
We need bloggers. These initial blogs are long, but in a few weeks we will just need people to do a tiny write-up about the week’s topic and post the questions and then promote the blog post throughout the week to get the buzz going. The host can post the blogpost on your own blog/website getting traffic to your site.
There were some concerns regarding who can participate. Since #MTOS is for everyone it is NOT necessary that you like, follow, be friends with either of the founders or the host of the week. You can take part no matter what.
#MTOS is all about the film community so we would love and very much like your help make it better. You can simply DM @raghavmodi or @askimrach if you would like to help us out.
Now, drum rolls please.... This week the topic is SUPERHERO MOVIES. We thought it is a topic that most people will be familiar with and should be interesting since superheroes are the talk of the town right about now.
The 10 questions we will be throwing out on Twitter on Sunday, August 14th at 20:00 GMT are mentioned below. We post them here in advance so everyone has some time to think about them before Sunday.
Q1. Your favourite superhero film? #MTOSQ2. Which superhero film would you like a reboot of? #MTOSQ3. Who would win between Batman and Spiderman in a fight, and why? #MTOSQ4. A superhero that you would love to see leap out of the comic book pages onto the big screen? #MTOSQ5. If you could be any superhero for one day, who would you be and why? #MTOSQ6. The worst ever superhero movie? #MTOSQ7. The most eagerly awaited superhero film? #MTOSQ8. If Christopher Nolan were to take on another superhero franchise, which one would you like it to be? #MTOSQ9. The meanest villain a superhero has had, on screen? #MTOSQ10. Are Average Joe's turned vigilante superheroes (Kick Ass/Super) a cool concept or we have had enough? #MTOSBonus Q11. Pitch us your own superhero? #MTOS
Thank you and PLEASE TAKE PART EVERY SUNDAY at 20:00 GMT on Twitter in #MTOS

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