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Movie Reviews – in Case You’re Tired of Returning All Those Gifts and Want Something Fun to Do…

By Cynthialuhrs @wickedgreens

It’s been a fun week. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday’s. Caught up on my movie going/watching over the past couple of weeks so here’s my two cents:

Les Miz - Loved it! Hugh Jackman was fantastic. I’m betting he’s an Oscar contender along with Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln (also fantastic and I’m so not a history buff -gave it an A). Give it an A-

Hitchcock – I wanted to like it but it seemed like the movie couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to be a comedy or drama or what. Wait for Redbox on this one. Give it a C

The Hobbit – enjoyed it, worth seeing on the big screen, looking forward to the next installment. It wasn’t up there with Lord of the Rings but I give it a B+

Jack Reacher – didn’t bother me that Tom Cruise doesn’t match the guy in the books. He may be a bit odd in real life but as an actor, I like him. Violent but liked it. B+

At Redbox:

Lawless – Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain were fantastic. A-

Butter – fun and quirky. B+

Pitch Perfect – fun and goofy B-

Beasts of the Southern Wild – a bit strange for my taste – C

Killer Joe – too weird for me. C

So enjoy the rest of 2012. I’m looking forward to a bunch more movies in the next month. Of course, I have to pace them out as I’ve started on Book 2 – movies are a great reward when I’ve reached my weekly word count goal. So is a massage…


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