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Movie Review:::Ek Tha Tiger

Posted on the 16 August 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

Movie review and that too a movie of Salman who is on peak of his career is very difficult and needs lot of minute and detailed observations. So I am taking this challenge to make sure that my readers should not miss the opportunity to miss another Salmantastic film.

The movie is another attempt of Bollywood film makers following holly style of story telling. As it is hero centric film it was expected that it will be Salman Salman all the way we are going to see. But Katrina has shown her talent which contradicts statement of various heroines complaining no scope for Heroines in Hero Centric Film. Katrina has done a fantastic job and standing ovation to her for doing all her stunts by herself. Which is still a distant eye of future for Bollywood.

A change in approach is visible now in Bollywood where in Heroines get enough space to show off her acting skills. In Some serious scenes katrina seams fallen off cliff, but above all her talent to perform romantic and now action is a feather to her crown.

This is a much awaited film considering the form in which Salman is in it is already compared to his previous blockbusters Dabangg, Bodyguard, but if you see the film the difference is not in Salman’s acting but it is the beauty of director how he utilizes this talent folk. I think in this matter YRF finds themselves missing the bus. Because of Prabhudeva is able to deliver such a great blockbuster with same genre why not YRF.

I tell you why this film seams a bit sloppy as compared to previous flicks of Salman.

First the Prediction of audience has improved with Salman’s films, hence Sallu bhai has to come up with something new.

Secondly the big attention grabber movies usually have a Super Hit Music and songs. Which seams missing in this flick. Yes the song Mashallah is a good number but it is appearing in film when people are moving out of the Movie Hall, means end of the film. Whereas Indian Audience still expect a Tadka of good songs in between the Dhoom Dhadaka and Stunt Scenes in a Hindi Film.

Thirdly it seams that Indian Directors sometimes try to getting away from the Bolly masala crowd as they even try to establish themselves in International Market, hence music sometimes go to stake. But 5% chances usually left for a Hindi film to a hit (forget about Superhit) without a good backing of hit music.

 You are going to have good Around the world in 3 Hours Experience with this film. I will recommend to keep your expectations a bit low if you are looking for James Bond in Hindi type experience. But if you are Sallu Crazy fan looking for Dabangg, Bodyguard style super hero type action I recommend you to please  come back to real world. Where here jumps off the terrace and never gets hurt. It may disturb you a bit will very real type action where even hero gets hurt.

I recommend watching this film once at least because it is a good try from a hero in top form and more over by a heroine which shows an effort of Indian Females trying getting rid of the Abla Naari Image(Delicate Girly Image) built by Indian Cinema since long.


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