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By Healingyoga

My first introduction to yoga well over 12 years ago was a slow, mindful practice. I looked forward to doing the practice each morning, but when I found a yoga flow about a year later, I was hooked. It was the movement that drew me in. Something about the continual flow, feeling the fluidity of my body that felt natural and right.

Well over 12 years later, my practice follows the same principles even though it looks entirely different. My practice is still slow and mindful but rather than the movement compromising the breath, it is supported by and coordinated with the breath. More movement for me now takes the form of dance. Sometimes I take my cue from the Sufis and do a little whirling and ecstatic dance.

And while we're on the topic of movement, here are two related goodies:

  • "As the Buddha finds his enlightenment by sitting in immaculate Emptiness, Rumi finds his by dancing in radical Fullness. Here's you opportunity to join him in that eternal ecstatic dance." - I can't think of a better way to experience Rumi than with musical accompaniment. The folks over at Integral Life are offering Rumi: Dancing in Fullness,  a 60-minute performance of Rumi's works narrated by Coleman Barks along with musical accompaniment by David Darling. The downloadable MP3 also comes with a bonus dialog with Coleman Barks and Stuart Davis. Click here to learn more and/or purchase this delight for the senses. 
  • 6 Movements of the Spine -- I find that simple movements can be the most effective. One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning (or for short breaks after sitting for 90-minute periods) is spinal movements. This short video will keep your spine limber and supple. 

Breathe, move, smile!


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