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Motherhood: The Most Celebrated Job

By Kaye



While this may not be true to all but to most women, attaining motherhood completes womanhood. Although the success of marriage can’t be equate solely to having offsprings but obviously, having children to take care of fortify marital relations and give each parent a sense of responsibility.

These days, motherhood faces more challenges than it used to. Our mothers and grandmothers might have different stories about their domestic roles especially in raising children. Then, life was simple and the complicated roles of mothers are made simpler by the mere fact that most of them are stay-at-home moms. The patriarch are the ones toiling for food and shelter, putting the needs of his family his top priority while mothers are patiently tending to their little ones, giving them the utmost love and care and nurture them to be the best of their kind.


Being parents is a gift. Its value can’t be compared to any material things in this world. It is a feeling that only parents themselves know. Like they say, you will only know and appreciate your parents’ love and care when you are already a parent yourself. It’s not that single individuals don’t love their parents but you’ll learn to appreciate more the sacrifices your parents endured to raise you when you got to be on their shoes.

While there are still number of mothers who preferred to leave their prestigious careers just to personally attend to their children’s needs, now a growing number of women and mothers are working hand and hand with their husbands for the provision of the whole family. The world changed so much and this new-age era made things a lot more sophisticated and advanced adding up a whole lot of loads to parents, to mother specifically.

Mother’s Other Roles

Being a mother is not only confined to giving birth. Mothers are women who portray various significant roles. A job without pay. I bet if mothers are being paid, there will be no male billionaires in the world. Mothers are everything to their children. She is a nurse when they get sick. She is their first teacher. She is their stylist. She is the guidance counselor. Children seek advice on many life matters from their mother. Mothers fix their children’s broken ego. She is a confidence booster and to every mother, her child will always be her prince or princess.



With the fast pacing world we are in now, mothers are greatly challenged on how to keep up with motherhood. The call of work that demands time and effort can drain your energy leaving you little upon reaching home yet you still need to be up to be there for your children when they need you. The peer pressure sometimes drives children to detach themselves from home giving mothers uneasiness and emotional burdens. Adding to this, mothers have their own personal issues as well whether at work or personal relationship. Mother, just like any member of the family needs love and care too. She needs attention. She needs comfort and support. She too get broke but because she chooses to heal her children’s wound first before tending to hers, we thought she’s incapable of being hurt. At times she gets weak, she still needs to pretend that she’s strong because her children get their strength from her.

Mothers can be seen with make up or plain. Some mothers are quite trendy while others chooses to be simple. But at the end of the day, whatever, however they appear on the outside, our mothers will always be the super woman to us, the heroine without fancy costume.

Kudos to all the mothers! Let us celebrate motherhood! Alhamdulillah for gifting us the honor to bear the children of the next generation. May they grow up to become pious and God-fearing ummah.


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