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Mother Urges Parents to Take First Aid Training

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Gareth Jones @tutorcare

A woman from Culcheth in Cheshire whose daughter survived a terrifying choking incident has urged parents to undergo first aid training.

Naomi Simpson did not know what to do when her daughter Hannah began choking on a piece of apple when sitting in her high chair ten years ago. All this time later, her mother still remembers how terrifying it was to see her one-year-old turn white and her lips start to turn blue, without having the first idea what to do.

The emergency services were called and Hannah’s father, Naomi’s husband Phil, gave the little girl two sharp smacks on the back. Luckily, the piece of apple she was choking on shot out of her mouth and she made a fast recovery, now attending the local primary school.

However, the traumatic incident has had such an impact on mom Naomi that she is spreading the word amongst parents of the importance of pediatric first aid training. Speaking to local newspaper, The Bolton News, she said:

“What happened was very traumatic to the point that if I think I hear someone choking, my mind goes straight back to when Hannah was a baby with that awful panicking feeling in my stomach.

“If I’d known what to do, I would have been much calmer.”

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