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Mother's Day Recap

By _jessismore @_jessismore
So, this blogging regularly thing is going to take some getting used to.
I don't know how you mommy bloggers do it.
Are you fueled by a tiny espresso machine?
Do you sleep?
Wait, don't answer that.
Yesterday was Mother's Day -- a time to celebrate the women who give us life, make us whole, and support us no matter what. Some women become mothers the moment they hear their baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound machine, and others become mothers seemingly overnight through adoption or marriage.
A mother isn't always flesh and blood.
Even though this is a day of joy, I always pause to remember those who have lost a child or a mother (or who are trying so desperately to become one) on these holidays. I can't imagine how painful it must be.
Mother's Day Recap
My mom is one of a kind.
She's fiercely loyal, incredibly caring, and just plain ol' fun.
Above all, she has always taught her children to follow their hearts.
So thanks, mom.
I got to spend my mother's day morning with her and my dad on a Google hangout.
Of course, my own precious fur baby, Lily, decided to get in on the action...
We all look like hot messes in this photo, but this is hashtagreallife and I want to remember it.  
Mother's Day Recap
On Saturday, I did a little yoga and had some Zula juice with a few Minnesota bloggers I hadn't seen in forever (and some that I am just now meeting).
After trying the cleanse, I was dying to meet the owner, and she was just fabulous!
It was such a great weekend.
I've had so many of them during this long break, and I am kicking myself for not tending to my blog so I can document the bajesus out of life... this photo of Toby.
Mother's Day Recap
A face that only a mother can love.

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