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Mother’s Day Card

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Mother’s Day Card I’ve used this card for kinders for several years and I’m still surprised at how nice they look, especially when colored with bright patterns.
PREP: Cut large white construction paper (12" x 18") in half to make panels of 6" x 18". Fold the panels into thirds to make a card that measures 6" x 6". Arrange folds so that the card makes a “Z”. Cut lots of posterboard “M” and “O” block letters for the students to trace. To save time, I left the “O” without the center cut out, and asked the students to just draw their own.
2. The students are to center the letters in each panel, trace with a pencil, and then with a black marker.
3. The students colored in a different pattern inside each letter, and then different colors for the background.

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