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Mother Knows Best: Are Mothers Always Right?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Mothers play an intricate part in our dating life. When we meet who we perceive as the one we happily make plans to introduce our new boo to our mothers. From personal experience, somebody’s momma can make or break the relationship. Sometimes the phrase “ mother knows best ” rings true and dear sweet momma turns out to be right about the person we’re dating.  But the question remains does your mother truly know best or are there underlying factors as to why your mother never likes anyone you seemingly adore.

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If you watch RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) then you know that Kandi Burruss is having a major problem with her mother accepting her engagement to Bravo Producer Todd Tucker. At first, I was thinking “oh Girl, you better listen to your momma” because she seem to think that the not so shabby looking Todd Tucker was after her for her money.  After hearing that her mother got this idea after hearing Wendy William’s called him an opportunist on her talk show (hmmm didn’t her husband settled a sexual harassment lawsuit recently?) Anyway,  I had to give good ole Mama Joyce the side eye. Not to mention the comment ”if you choke on a chicken bone, he can come put me out. It seemed like she was more concerned with being cut off financially and being put out of Kandi’s house once her and Todd married. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of mommy dearest, after all, she brought you in this world, but when mommy gets to the point where she’s too spoiled to see that you’re happy and in love then Houston, we have a problem!

I’ll admit, that Kandi’s 35 Million net worth to Todd Tucker’s 200 Thousand is a HUGE gap, but to the average girl like me, Todd Tucker is worth a decent amount of money. He can at least afford to pay some bills? Isn’t that all we can hope for these days? I haven’t picked up on one clue that this man is an opportunist. However, In the words of Kanye West “We Want Pre -Nup” would definitely be in place before I say “I do”!

Sometimes mothers have inner fears that keep them from fully embracing their child’s relationship. In other cases, some women just have bad taste in men and mama knows. I have seen mothers get it right and I have seen mothers get it wrong. When it comes to matters of the heart, we have to follow our own hearts, learn from our own mistakes, and correct our own failures. Dear old mama can know what’s best for her but what’s best for her certainly doesn’t mean it’s best for you. If you’re happy that’s all that matters; someone’s true intentions will eventually come out.

Unfortunately, any man who dates or marries a wealthier woman will be labeled an opportunist even if he isn’t.

Has there ever been a time your mother didn’t like your boo and told you what she thought? If so, was she eventually right?

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