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Mother Daughter Love

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
I remember when I was 14 and the doctors told me I would probably never be able to have kids. My heart was shattered into a thousand pieces and I mourned for my baby girl. The one I had always thought of, pictured and loved, even though she was never real, I felt her. The daughter I was now never going to meet but always wanted so badly, ever since I was little.
Throughout my pregnancy, it felt like a dream. I couldn't get my head around it and it was a hard time in mine and Warren's life and relationship. From the second I found out I was pregnant, I knew it was a boy. It had to be a boy. I was pregnant against the odds, there was no way it could be a girl as well.
Only once did I allow myself to pretend it might be a girl. I remember being led on the sofa searching through the baby names book at 6 months pregnant. I came across the name Summer and let my imagination run away with it. I imagined a little girl, around 4 years old playing in our garden in the sunshine, she had a pretty blue dress on and blonde wavy hair with blue eyes. She turned around and smiled at me, a big, happy smile that melted my heart. 
That's when I started to cry. I realised I would still never get that even though I was pregnant. This was the first and last time I pictured our baby girl. Those next few months leading up to the birth, I started calling the bump Lucas and persuading myself he was a boy. I guess I was preparing myself so I wasn't disappointed. Of course, I would have loved a baby boy, but deep down, I so desperately wanted a girl. 
I remember telling Warren I was in labor. With the excitement of it all and realising we were going to meet Lucas, our baby boy, I was genuinely happy we were having a boy. I was so excited to meet him and hold him, he was all I could think about. With that last push and my last contraction, I felt him come out. I remember feeling relieved and exhausted. I remember thinking 'he's here', I'll hold baby Lucas in a minute'. I completely forgot we didn't actually know for definite the sex of the baby. 
That's when I heard the words 'It's a girl' and once again, my heart broke in to a thousand pieces and I burst into tears, but this time, it was tears of happiness. I was so thankful and so happy I couldn't believe it. I kept asking if they were sure because now I finally had her in my reach, there was no way I could let her go. I still cry when I watch that footage, part 3 of my labor and birth. I cry because I still can't believe it and I remember how grateful and happy I felt. You can hear it in my cry.
Our mother daughter love was more than instant. I felt that love long before she was even conceived. It's the love I dreamt about and longed for my whole life.  and it's a love that will always, always be there,  getting stronger by the second. 
She's here at last. My Perfect, Precious Baby Girl. 
Mother Daughter Love
Mother Daughter Love Mother Daughter LoveMother Daughter LoveMother Daughter LoveMother Daughter LoveMother Daughter LoveMother Daughter Love

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