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Mother & Baby Skincare!

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
Mother & Baby Skincare!
Having a baby whether they're a newborn or a toddler is a knackering time of your life, finding time to pee alone or have a very quick shower can be hard to find! But it is always nice if you can get even an hour to yourself, if you're like me and you know you're gonna have a free hour, you will plan lots of productive things to do like wash up, hoover and hang up the reality you probably just fall asleep on the sofa or sit on the laptop watching youtube videos! But that's fine to do!! We are allowed to do NOTHING, I know it feels strange but enjoy it!My favorite thing to do (when I have an hour free in the evening especially) is run a super hot bath with some relaxing bubble bath or a bath bomb, light a few candles, have a nice long soak then wash my hair and shave my legs! Once I've summoned up the courage to get out of the bath and into the cold air, I give my face a good old scrub, I start off by removing any excess makeup with my Neostrata brightening cleanser, it really helps to brighten my complexion and evens out the patchy red areas of my skin, then I moisturise using Johnsons baby lotion (yes, really) what better way to make your skin as soft as a baby's than to use a product made for them! Once it's all soaked in and settled my skin feels so clean and clear and free from all makeup! I then get into my cosy pajamas and dressing gown and i'm done for the day, ahhh! Heaven!When it comes to Abbie I don't tend to do much, she has really sensitive skin like me, so I try not to overpower her with anything, her eczema has really cleared up recently and I don't actually remember the last time she had it! The basics I use you can usually get from your local supermarket or online at shops like Pharmacy at Hand, Boots & Superdrug! When it comes to bathtime I add the Johnsons night time baby bath, it really helps her sleep at night and smells Ahhmazing, a few drops of that under the hot tap and a swash of my hand and you have the perfect bubble bath! To wash her I use Green People's shower gel, a sweet, citrus scent with organic ingrediants perfect for Abbie! Once she's out the bath and almost dried off, I add a bit of baby powder all over her body which makes her smell so delicious and makes her super soft too, other times I will use the johnsons baby lotion if her skin is looking a little dry and that usually clears up within a few days! Since she was born we have used sudocrem on her bum to prevent nappy rash and I can say (touch wood) in all honesty, she had never had a sore bum because of it! Definiately a necessity for parents! Obviously she's not always in the mood for such pampering and I struggle even getting her dried before she's trying to turn over and play with one of her toys she's spotted! But there's the basics of what we tend to use, it can vary for the both of us, I certainly don't have the time to do my whole skincare routine all the time, but I do take one day a month where I make sure I do it :)How do you look after your skin?x

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