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Most Popular Boat Names

By Sailingguide

The BoatUS association has released its 22nd annual list of the 10 most common boat names. Two things one should understand here. First, their list seems to be based simply on the boat name lettering kits people order from BoatUS - and therefore this may be somewhat skewed. Second, they do not separate powerboat and sailboat names, and every sailor know there's quite a difference between the two. Take #3, for example: Aquaholic. Powerboat or sailboat? Or #9, Miss Behavin'? Duh. In contrast, #7, Second Wind. I was also amused to read in their release that the popular name Pandora is "a reference to the planetoid at the center of the film Avatar" - hey, anyone ever heard of Greek mythology long before that movie? Myself, I hear a lot of alcohol-inspired boat names on the VHF as boats hail each other, and I always imagine what it must be like to have to call the Coast Guard from such a boat in an emergency. "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is Drunk Again with a bad leak, help!" Well, we'll leave it at that. But I'd suggest that once the initial euphoria of buying a boat has passed, take a day or two to calm down before choosing a boat name, which may serve functions other than giving a chuckle to your fishing buddies when they see you at the dock.

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