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Mosaic Stepping Stones . . . . a Workshop?

By Trebeca04
Mosaic Stepping Stones . . . . a workshop?Mosaic Stepping Stones . . . . a workshop?
To say that I have been in a 'creative slump' would be a huge understatement.  It seems like the 'mo-jo' is gone, the 'muse' is away on holiday, the 'juices' have run dry.   Truth be told, I have several art pieces started (10 to be exact) but for some reason none of them can get finished . . . . and I can't tell you why that is.
Has that ever happened to you?
Anyway, this past weekend, I invited 6 of my friends over because they all wanted to learn how to make mosaic stepping stones. . . . . I love making mosaics. And teaching my friends how to mosaic fulfilled my need to 'create' and, I guess I can also say that I just conducted my first little 'workshop'.  
Everyone did great, the stepping stones were beautiful, they all loved the process and I know they are hooked!  Anyway, these are the two stepping stones I made.  At least I can say I finished something, right? (please click on any image to take a closer look)
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope I can have something "fun and finished" from the studio to show you next week . . . .Cheers!

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