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Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)

By Shattman
   On our second day in Fes, we met our local tour guide, Mohammed.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)He led us through the souks of the medina, which proved to be the most exciting one we had experienced to date. It was bubbling with activity, full of all manner of stores, open-air stalls and bustling shoppers. It is no wonder that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There were even donkeys pulling wagons, bicyclists and even motorbikes. I quickly learned the Arab word, balak, for look out [Achtung in German]. More often than not, the bikers whizzed past without a warning, even in tight spaces.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)During the course of our stay in Fes, I don’t know how many times we passed the cobbler below, who always greeted us with a smile and a hand wave. Many of the folks simply said “Welcome to Fes” as I passed by.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)                             The barber in this one chair shop invited me in, but I took a pass.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii) Here is a gentleman operating an old fashioned whetstone to sharpening knives and scissors.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)   Foodstuffs, household items, jewelry, trinkets abounded, truly a feast for the eyes and nose.
Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)Morocco Odyssey 14: Fes (iii)

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