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Morning Citrus

By Candyfairy


Love SystemUplifting Body LotionReview! CITRUS
Typically I am a shower at night kinda person, lathering on which ever lotion smells the most inviting
to me before hopping into my pjs and then off to bed. However since (and I am sure I'm not alone
here) it has been absolutely, completely, utterly freeeeeezing lately I have been reluctantly (after
being jumped on and crawled over numerous times by my 2 and 4 year olds!) dragging my sorry
warm and cozy body out of my nice snuggly bed into the piercing ice cold morning air and straight
into the hottest I can get it shower. Staying there as long as possible before jumping out again
and lathering on this refreshingly citrus scented creamy body lotion which helps me in the waking
up process before putting on just about everything I own in my wardrobe just to keep relatively warm
for the rest of the day. Because let's face it, a hot shower this time of year is utter bliss, however it
can be pretty harsh on your skin, drying it out and leaving it feeling less than soft and moisturised.
This certified organic Australian body lotion comes in a pump style generous 100ml bottle andis made up of a blend of truly unique and nourishing ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin including -
Banksia Robur, Billy Goat Plum, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia,She Oak, Wisteria and of course beautifully skin kissed citrus. 
The white, creamy formula is not sticky and absorbs into the skin pretty much instantly meaningyou are not feeling sticky or getting product onto your clothes and can get dressed straight away which is essential in my day to day life being a busy mom of two toddlers who think the word 'wait' does not apply to them! ;)
Did I also mention it also smells super natural, subtle and energising?! It has just the right amount of zing to it which helps zap me into action ready to tackle to chaotic day ahead.
You can find a massive variety of range and products from Australian Bush Flower Essencesincluding a vast array of products available in their famous 'Love System' range on their website.
A recent award winner at the 'Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015!'
You can purchase this product directly from their website or from selected distributors acrossAustralia. See full list here currently for RRP: $24.95.
What are your thoughts on supporting natural Aussie brands?Do you look to purchase Certified Organic products?MORNING CITRUSMissed my last posts?VS Sassoon For Men i-Twin Trim Groomer! Scandaleyes X-Xtreme Mascara + Video Demo!
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