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More Trouble in Loveland by Jennifer Peel

Posted on the 29 November 2017 by Bubblebathbooks

More Trouble in Loveland by Jennifer PeelCharlee Jensen-Carter has been looking forward to her first Christmas with her new husband, Ryan, and her adorable stepson for weeks. Not only is her dad tying the knot, but she's looking forward to two weeks of no exes, no drama, and especially no trouble. At least that's what she thinks.

First, she gets talked into wearing red hooker heels again. Next, she finds herself trying to save her dad's wedding. And if that isn't bad enough, more than one ex shows up, and she's suddenly in the middle of more trouble than she ever bargained for. On top of it all, everyone is counting on her to save the day.

Will she ever find the right moment to give Ryan the best Christmas present ever? Or will her Christmas hopes and dreams die a fiery death in this comical holiday tale?


More Trouble in Loveland is the most madcap thing I've read in a long time, in a good way. Jennifer Peel sets up the most outrageous comedic situations, and they hilariously work. Let's just say main character Charlee has a Christmas scenario that looks like the seventh circle of hell. Bubby:

Charlee is definitely in it up to her eyeballs! Have you ever had a holiday or event when NOTHING went to plan? Well I have. But take that and add every bit of mayhem you can think of that is off plan, and you have More Trouble in Loveland. The most amazing thing, though, is how Charlee copes with all that happens without going crazy, or AWOL, or both. Which is definitely what Sissy and I would do.

We would have been outta there within the first quarter of the story. Me trying not to give the finger to everyone, and you driving the getaway car! And speaking of giving the finger, which I never do, all those extended family members (and a few friends) needed to be slapped. And ex family members-sheesh! How do you think More Trouble in Loveland fared as a standalone, Bubby?

Wait, what? I was still engrossed in imagining us ditching our kin in a blaze of middle fingers. Actually, our peeps don't deserve to be abandoned-not yet, anyway! In answer to your question, I have mixed feelings about whether one should have read the first book before reading this or not. It think it is not strictly necessary, because Jennifer Peel provides much explanation. I think I enjoyed it more, however, because I had the whole back story from book one ( Trouble in Loveland).

Well, I have to agree with you on that one. However our readers do it, they will surely enjoy this fast paced, Christmas/family/love/adventure, and be grateful for their own more peaceful holidays. Jennifer Peel delivers again! Bubby:

Yes, readers, you will enjoy this yuletide escapade, and its fabulous ending. Go ahead and indulge-preferably with hot chocolate!

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