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More Power for Your iPhone 5/5S

Posted on the 24 September 2014 by Anna Peterson

It’s probably happened to you more than once that you are out and about, when your phone decides to run out of power. It sure happened to us a number of times. :) At those troubling times, you probably wished that you had a power bank with you to charge your phone. However, carrying around a power bank can’t be to convenient, which is where external battery cases come in handy. :D Today, we’re going to show you one of these useful little things for your iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C.

iPhone 5/5S External Battery Case

Covered in a layer of rubberized coating, this particular battery case both protects your smartphone from damage, and gives it that extra juice when you need it the most. The capacity of the battery is 2,200mAh, and there’s also a battery capacity indicator which tells you how much power you’ve got left. All the controls are accessible while your phone is in the case, and the case itself comes in green, white, black, and blue.

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