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More 100 Billion Words Translated By Google Translate Everyday

Posted on the 24 June 2015 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
By 24 June 2015 Share : More 100 Billion Words Translated By Google Translate Everyday Google? Most of the people in this world know that the number one search engine are really important in our daily basis. No matter what languages we used. We are still need to use google everyday. But the most important that i want to highlight today is Google Translate.
Google always produce a very good tools for our sake especially Google Translate. To me, Google Translate is really matter for translating any languages. To be frank, i was used to look Google Translate everyday. I am not super eloquent in writing English post. I have to refer Google Translate and it is really help me a lot. Without any doubts, Google Translate has connected people from all over the world without any borders. 
In conjunction with that, recently Google has published a video on Youtube with titled Android : 100 billion word. Its slogan "be together, not the same" was really meaningful  and a touch video ever made by Google. That is mean, Google Translate has been translated more than 100 billion words everyday. That is awesome.
Based on the video, the most popular words are used to translated is "how are you","thank you" and "i love you".Google Translate currently had the best features for instance Voice Translation, Picture Translation, Offline support and Handwriting support.
So, let's take a look the video below

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