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Morale Vs Motivation with Examples

Posted on the 21 March 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
Oxford English Dictionary Defines
Morale: A feeling of confidence and satisfaction
Motivate: Stimulate the Interest of

Morale Vs Motivation

So, the result of motivation is morale. You motivate someone so that they get a feeling of confidence and satisfaction. Morale is a state of being while motivation is a process.

Ideas to Build Morale in Business Workplace

Many people retain the memory skills that they learn during school and college days, so that it can be applied all through office and personal life too. Mnemonic device is one such memorization technique that has its own charm to evoke creative memory whenever it is applied to memorize something. TOCARS (Pronounced Two Cars) is a simple mnemonic that helps to recall how to boost morale of a person, especially at work.
TOCARS mnemonic summarizes six different ways to boost and build a staff morale:
1. Think
2. Others
3. Change
4. Achievements
5. Rewards and recognition
6. Songs, movies (inspirational, humor)

Building High Morale by just Thinking

This morale boosting technique costs no money and demands no particular physical environment. From business associates to office employees, staffs to team leaders and managers, this morale building tip can be applied by simply sitting in one place, closing the eyes and thinking about anything that is constructive, innovative, and creative. However, one must learn the art of controlling the mind, divert it constructive thinking process rather than worry.

Achievements are Nostalgic and Boosts Morale Too

It is believed that successful not only keep the track of their goals but also cherish them once achieved.

After Achieving the Goal, Celebrate by Rewarding

For example, an employee of a top business organization puts a tick mark against all the goals once it is achieved and buys himself an icecream or any other gift as a memory of achieving the goal. Yet another business staff collects one dollar currency everytime the ambition is accomplished. This way the sense of achievement can be recalled whenever one undergoes a low morale behavior.

Songs, Music, Movies, Dance

One the best morale boosting technique is to listen to songs, music, or watch movies that are inspirational, humorous, adventures. One must remember to choose those collections that are full of action, achievement, energy, enthusiasm and aspiring kinds of songs and movies.

Like to Know Team Morale Building Secret? Help Each Other

Many managers and team leaders encourage their team members take a break from their routine work, talk to their fellow colleagues, share knowledge, and help in solving others' concerns. It has two advantages: One, there will be a mutual understanding among the team members; two, many office related issues and concerns will be solved when people bring the problems to discussion.

Change Something. For Instance, Place etc...

Influencing skills is one of the five i's of persuasion. Besides good intrapersonal, imparting (presentation), and interpersonal skills, one must also put conscious effort to enhance influencing skills in order to build interesting human relationships, And, motivation and morale building is yet another interpersonal skill that can help to achieve this.

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