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Moomin World - A Finnish Treasure

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Moomin World - A Finnish Treasure Today's Post is a guest post from Sophie Burton.  
Yes, there is a world where Moomins live and it's a magical place for families, and many adults too. For the uninitiated, Moomins look like big, white hippos and are Finnish children's book characters by Tove Jansson, which though written in the 1940s and 50s, are timeless stories. It's not all fairy tale and niceness, oh no. The Moomins appear cute but the tales are darker making them much for interesting for adults too.  (Photo "Moomin World" by markow76)
Anyway, Moominworld is in southern Finland and the nearest airport is Turku (TKU). As car hire comparison is now so easy you'll have no problem sorting out a car for collection at Turku airport and then it's a half hour drive to Naantali. Moominworld is on an island – I told you this place was magical – but there's a large car park for visitors before you take the shuttle train (runs along the road) or walk ten minutes to the bridge to enter.
Moomin World - A Finnish Treasure
This is a theme park with a difference as unlike Disneyland and the like, Moominworld doesn't have any rides. But the kids here don't mind as it's all about exploring the great outdoors in a safe environment. (Photo "Moomin Characters" from the animated television series.  For illustration purposes only)
I first visited when my daughter was three years ago and fell in love with the place. It feels safer and calmer than the high adrenaline level attractions and it offers kids freedom which is rare today. There's a children's theater with live shows throughout the day and while it's all in Finnish, and I don't understand the language, we can all clap along and the little ones love it in there. If you would like to learn a few Finnish phrases the most important are Hello = "Hei" (pron: hay) and Thank you = Kiitos (pron: key-toss). Everyone speaks English, even children, so you'll soon make new friends here.
Moomin World - A Finnish Treasure The wow factor, for the Moomins fans, comes as you see the Moomin House and meet the characters who are always outside. There's no waiting for photos with your favorite Moomin here. No, just stroll straight up to them and give them a cuddle. Honestly, it's irresistible!  (Photo "Moomin Valley Pier" by Eric Nishio)
The island also has a trail through the woods and you can take the buggy around the whole route or leave it and explore. It feels more 'real' as it's a rough wooden path to follow and you discover creepy locations from the stories such as a witch's lair, the Hattifatteners' Cave and the Groke's House. But you don't hear kids screaming because they're terrified of the scary characters. No, kids are much more accepting than we give them credit for.
Don't forget to visit Moominpapa's Boat before heading to the safe beach and having a swim in the sea!
You can stay in Naantali but it's a sleepy little town so most people choose to stay in Turku. Many of the hotels have car parks so, after a day's fun here, the kids will sleep peacefully in the car on the short drive back. I'd recommend getting a two-day Moominworld ticket so you can do it all again the next day.
Sophie is a freelance writer and mother of two who has never had fear of traveling with children and enjoys exploring the world with her family.

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