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Mood Booster Moments....(Ms. Positivity Vs. Ms. Ocean)

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

Well everyone here it is this week’s mood booster moment.  I know I started this two weeks ago and then and the nerve to go on a much needed vacation.  Well my Shiners I have a story to tell and it will Shorely (spelled that way on purpose) be a mood booster!!
So my vacation was held at the awesome Ocean City, MD.  I decided to have a real vacation without all of the modern technology of cell phones, internet, and texting.  Yes I felt like I was going to go out of my mind but I held strong guys!!  LOL Anywhoooooo….Our condo is awesome, very cozy, and about 50ft from the beach.  We drove down Saturday afternoon, arrived, and settled in, then came Sunday. Sunday was beach day.  Alright, everyone is now getting ready-the kids are set, I am set, and the boyfriend is set too.  We leave out and away we go!!!!We have walked our 50ft to the beach and its beautiful, the people, the water, and the laughter from the children all around without a care in the world because it is VACATION!  I lay the towels down, take the shoes off, and went in.  Ummmmmm yeah should have taken it slow.  Cold water OH very COLD water!  Okay Okay so that was not the brightest thing to do but I bounced back and got used to the water.  We’re all playing, loving the water…until I open my big mouth and say, “Hey guys wanna sit like we did the last time and let the waves come to us?”  Yes, the kids are excited the boyfriend not so much but he is warming up.  So get ready for the foolery to begin because it does…………….
****In this corner we have Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean****
Soooo Ms. Positivity is so brave and ready to have fun with this.  The key is to sit in the sand far enough but close enough to let the water flow over you and back into the ocean.  Simple enough right??  WRONG and let me tell you how wrong it went down.  The first couple of waves okay we all got this.  My boyfriend and I are trash talking and having a ball until that one wave!  OK maybe more than one wave-many waves.  It was one wave that caught us off guard we are both sitting and was still trash talking until BAMMMM!  Hey hey hey that was not supposed to happen…That wave smacked us right dead in the face and we are both having a huge glass of Ocean dead in our faces.  How dare her do that to us.  As we scramble to get up, we decide let us do it again.  Well I guess she (the Ocean) really wanted to play.  We sit back down and try it again, this time we say that was a fluke and it will not happen again.  Ha WRONG again…this time she comes to get us…and oh, she does.
Mood Booster Moments....(Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean)
The next wave flipped my body over as if I was nothing.  Hey, I am a thick chick (proud of it) and she had no right to handle me like that.  As I am trying to get up because I feel that, I need to have a heart-to-heart with her she decided to slap me on my back again knocking me back down!  In my head moment: ok you just wait because obviously we need to have a talk!”  I get my butt out of that water and go to sit on my towel because at this moment I cannot see a thing.  (Remember the last mood booster moment yeah just add seawater UGHHH)  I recoup a bit and then my boyfriend tosses sand all over me so guess who has to go and have said heart-to-heart with Ms. Ocean?  ME that’s who!  Great!!!!  So we go back in….(shock value) because my silly-nilly self-forgot just that fast that the water was BRRRRRRR! Fine I am used to the water once again and Ms. Ocean just continued to play rough with me.  Look I said “I don’t do to kindly with bullies” so I was ready to have my heart-to heart.  Mood Booster Moments....(Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean)(More trash talking) Yeah right, she said.  Well she started picking on me again, flipped my big behind over as if I weighed nothing. (Yall see how catty she is?)   Dang her yall, I’m NOT thirsty at all but she really insists on giving me a big glass of Seawater.  Well here was the last dang it straw.  She starts to get cheap shots in…these waves are calm but pack a punch….I think she just gave me a kidney shot.  Oh this is total BS (yall know what that means) But she didn’t stop there as I’m actually trying to recover from that calm but powerful kidney shot, she decides to smack me in the back of my head.  Wham!  Now she has knocked me down…I’m down…Yall heard the term “Don’t kick a man while he is down” Well I guess Ms. Ocean has never heard of that because she came with an on-going assault!  I tried to get up as the water went back into the ocean the sand was dragging me in…by the time I got my butt up here she came again….I’m clawing to get away but oh noooooo she said get back here I want to play.  “Don’t you wanna play Ms. Positivity?”  …..She gets me again (I’m not in any danger), however, I can’t get up if you paid me…I’m scrambling to get a shore but not before she smacks me one last time!  As I finally was able to escape I could of swore I heard her say “Now the next time you come out here watch your mouth because this is my house and you WONT win” I got to shore and grabbed my things and retreated back to the condo.  I didn’t say a single word, didn’t look back…just took my behind right on back.  I so wanted to flip her the bird but ummmm it was only Sunday and I know I would HAVE to return.
Mood Booster Moments....(Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean)
Ms. Positivity 4 Ms. Ocean 0

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