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Mood Booster Moments...."I Just Wanted a Chocolate Ricecake"

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Hey there Shiners!!
I have not done one of these in a while and with all that is going on in my life and getting back to Living I must tell you I have had some foolery go down in my life.  I have eaten and missed my mouth completely, I have mixed colors in the wash that should have never been together (blue and yellow...ugh) that was one of my fave shirts ya know!!  (giggles) to plopping down on the side of the bed Oh and TOTALLY MISSING IT...(yes my behind met the floor at somebodies 2 am) to this past weekends well lets call it "Supermarket Mayhem"
This mood booster I tell you is something that you would only see on TV but NOOO guess who decided that they wanted to guess star all of a sudden!! Me that's who...LOL  So let me get to it!

     So I have fallen in love with these

So I have fallen in love with these rice cakes.  I even went as far as getting the strawberry cream cheese to go on top just like the packaging. Oh it is sooooo good! I didn't think I would like it but on a whim I tried it and now I just have to have them. Well off to go grocery shopping.  I grabbed the strawberry cream cheese, shopped some more and right before I left I said GASPS I need to get the chocolate rice cakes.
So we search the aisle labels and finally I found it! Nothing wrong yet but you just wait and see.  I'm looking and looking down the aisle and I found them! Right no problem yet! Well here goes nothing....when I find them this is what is in from of them: do you see the blue and yellow little cardboard displays...ok stay focused! The foolery begins now!
So these things are right in from of what I want so what do you I do I move it and hunni this got ugly quick! These things are full of items that should not be here.  So I have to move the one that looks like the blue one.  Well let me tell you that was not a GREAT thing to do because it started to topple over....yessssss Shiners it started to fall over.  So I have my big pocketbook on one arm and this thing trying to fall over.  Ever see this mess in the market but not happening to you...well think again! The cheap thing is not stable and I have to be the one to fake it like "oh everything is alright!"  NO NO NO this bad boy wants to go down. I'm in a panic now because who in the world wants to make a scene!?? Not Ms. Positivity! Shiners I tell you the truth-I am looking like a total fool because this thing is really trying to meet the floor.  So I get some strength and pull it up and lean it...I'm good now...ummmm no I'm's SLIDING! You got to be kidding me...I swear all I want is my rice cakes....ugh! So I have to catch this thing I'm telling it it wanted to slow dance with me but I was surely resisting LOL, strangely enough it is super quiet and no one is in the aisle. Ok Ok Ok I say to this thing...please don't fall pleaseeeee!!  It holds up Shiners! Thank I go looking for my rice cakes and dang it after all of that they don't have not a single one!! I am annoyed to my core...I said oh no you are gonna have at least one of these...I'm on the floor....still eyeing this display, but NOPE none! Soooooo ummmm yeah I must of put the display in front of something that this other lady wanted and ummmmmm Lets just say that I got out of that aisle quick because as soon as she touched the display it fell over! and guess what! She WALKS OFF! 

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