Moo Needs A Mum

Posted on the 23 March 2014 by The Pumping Mama @thepumpingmama

Moo needs someone to wipe her nose, put her hair in bunches and pull on her wellies. She needs someone to kiss it better, hold her hand and roll out the playdough. She needs to snuggle in, feel the warmth and comfort of a beating heart, be read to and sung to.

She’ll need someone to walk her to school, to pack her lunch, to carry her home when she feels unwell. She’ll need someone to cheer her on at sports day, listen to her practice her spellings and film the nativity. Someone to guide her, lead the way and be an example.

She’ll need someone to confide in, to cry to, to stick up for her. She’ll need someone to explain the birds and the bees, give her a lift to the party and recommend her for a part time job. Someone to buy her Tampax, build her up and boost her confidence.

She’ll need someone to help her pack her things, test her on the Highway Code and badger her to get up. She’ll need someone to wave her off at the airport, collect her newspaper clippings and someone to call at 2am. Someone to never judge, to help her find her way.

She’ll need someone to help her choose that perfect dress, weep with joy and get stuck in to the decorating. She’ll need someone to take the photographs, crochet the blanket and rock the baby while she bathes. Someone to support her as she mothers, be part of the village she needs.

She’ll need someone to encourage her, support her, enable her to grow. To pick her up when she falls, celebrate her successes and hold her tight. Someone to depend upon, to bounce ideas off of, to be her crutch when she feels she can’t go on.

She needs a mom. I can’t take that away from her. I mustn’t.

Moo Needs A Mum

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