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Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2014

By Mle_vnc @Backlist_Books
Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2014Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2014Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2014
I thought last month was a slow reading month at 6 books.... but what I didn't realize until just now is that March was even slower. Just three books this month! Eep! In my defence I had quite a busy month at work. And had a bit of a reading slump post-Grasshopper Jungle. If you added up the random first few chapters of books I read trying to get back on track, it'd probably add up to at least another book. But, unfortunately, I only read a paltry three books cover to cover. On the plus side, there's nowhere to go but up, right?
Grasshopper Jungle was a very interesting read - definitely not for those who are faint at heart. If you are looking for a book to surprise you, though, this is the one. I knew it was going to be weird. But what I didn't know was that it was also going to be exquisitely written and deeply evocative.
The Uncommon Reader was also surprising - mostly because I didn't expect the wry humor to have me giggling hysterically as I was reading. It's a great book for readers who love to read about reading. (Say that 5 times fast.) Veronica Mars I just finished last weekend, and it was one of those books I both couldn't wait to dive into and never wanted to finish. For those who are fans of the TV show, you'll definitely want to pick this up ASAP. Just make sure you watch the movie first, because it picks up right where the movie ends and will include movie spoilers!
Here are some of the reviews I posted in March:
Other things you might have missed this month:
  • I did my very first cover reveal for Drawing Amanda by Stephanie Feuer
  • I made a (very long) list of my favorite children's books
  • I listed the books I can't wait to read this spring
  • And I caused sniffles by sharing my favourite animal videos in my first "Life of a Blogger" post
There was more, but I think those were the highlights!
Here's hoping that April brings with it more reading and more reviews! Feel free to share the books you read - or what you thought of any of the ones I mentioned in this post! 

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