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Money Saving Ideas for the Family

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Most people in the UK are struggling to cope with their finances thanks to the economy.  While we continue to work hard and bring in the cash it seems the money is being taken away left right and center.  As income seems to be deteriorating the outgoings continue to increase. Food, petrol, utilities, clothing and mortgages are on the rise so the UK needs to learn how to be more frugal with their lifestyle and expenditures.


Money Saving Ideas for the Family


I have been working hard trying to find ways for my family and I to cut back on our spending.  I’m not going to lie, some of it has been difficult to adjust to, but a lot of it was easy. I have noticed that we are saving money which is being placed in our savings to use for luxury items and necessary spending. Here are some of the ways I have been able to make a difference to our household budget.

Saving Energy Tips

  1. Focus on your utilities. Many people don’t want the hassle of switching providers, but if you are up- to date with your bills switching really is simple. You can find the best deal and switch online and leave everything else up to the utility providers.  We have saved over £100 a year by changing our gas and electricity supplier alone. You can also switch your insurance, broadband, telephone, satellite/cable television subscriptions.
  2. Reduce the amount of energy you use by remembering to turn off lights and any electrical items in the house. This one took a while to form the habit but now I can’t sleep if I know I have left an appliance on standby.
  3. When the kettle has reached boiling point don’t wait for the cut off to kick in, turn it off by hand. You can also turn off the oven a few minutes before you need to get the food out as the oven will remain hot for a while afterwards.
  4. Invest in a solar phone charger and a solar battery charger.  They are able to recharge with just the energy from the sun resulting in long term savings.
  5.  Invest in a decent boiler which will heat the water more efficiently. You could also consider the use of solar panels which can actually make you money if you are able to produce enough energy so you can sell it back to the grid.
  6. Buy energy efficient equipment when it comes time to replace your old items. You can send of older goods to be broken down and recycled or sell them on for a bit of extra cash. Try and avoid throwing goods in the tip at all costs.


Household Chores

  1. Use natural alternatives rather than chemical products:
  • Vinegar and newspaper is perfect for windows
  • Bicarbonate of soda and lemon makes a great cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom
  • Tea tree oil is a disinfectant
  1. Use less detergent when cleaning clothes in the washing machine and add bicarbonate of soda to bring out the whites.  I use Soapnuts which last for about five years and do a great job. To improve the fragrance I add a drop or two of essential oils such as jasmine.
  2. Consider buying job lots of toilet paper and other products which will not perish. You can save money buying in bulk.
  3. Look for clothing from charity shops, second hand stores and online auction sites. You can make great savings even on new items. Recycle or sell your old clothes if they are in good enough condition.

Visit for more energy saving tips and find out more about how you can improve your energy efficiency.

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