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Mondrian Watercolor Painting

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Mondrian Watercolor Painting Piet Mondrian became a master of geometric shapes in abstract art. There are many ways to imitate his style of painting, but I like this one best as the crayon naturally creates a wall between the watercolors. 1. With a ruler lightly draw about four parallel horizontal lines across a piece of watercolor paper. Draw about four vertical lines.
2. Randomly erase about three or four “pieces” of the horizontal lines.
3. Add about five lines, in any direction, chopping up any the the large rectangles to make some small ones. The goal is to have relatively even amount of large, medium and small shapes when complete.
4. Trace all their lines, pressing heavily to make a dark line with a black crayon.
5. Paint in the squares with red, blue and yellow watercolor paint. Try to spread out and visually balance all the colors (including white).

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