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Mondrian Abstract Circuitboard

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Mondrian Abstract CircuitboardThis project can introduce young students to the idea that not all art has to be about recognizable images. Some can just be about lines and color, like the amazing art of Piet Mondrian.
1. Distribute standard size drawing paper. To get a random set of lines, first ask the students to draw a large box anywhere on their paper. Then they are to connect it to the paper edge with either a vertical or horizontal lines (no diagonals on this project!) Next comes one complete vertical and horizontal line. Lastly, they are to pick one of the sections they have made and split it up into small shapes with about 4 or 5 lines. The goal is for each image to be unique, with a combination of large and small areas. Lastly, wherever lines intersect, the students are to draw a large dot to stand for the "connector" on their circuitboards.
2. All pencil lines should then be traced with a fat black marker
3. And finally, all the shapes are to be colored heavily with oil pastels. Ask the students to consider balance in their artwork when coloring, so that the colors they choose are evenly spread throughout their picture.

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