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Monday’s Over

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey all. I can’t believe how fast life is flying by these days. Crazyness.

This morning I had the same breakfast as yesterday.


2 eggs fried in evoo topped with salt, pepper and dill. Green tea for drinkin’.


I can tell fall is coming. I hate fall and winter for photographing food. It’s so dark.

Yesterday’s Clean Eats!!!

I totally kicked some healthy A$$ yesterday.


For lunch I had this huge broccoli slaw salad. I added some sunflower seeds, raw broccoli florets, and dried cranberries. I topped it with Annie’s Goddess dressing.


Yep. It was a massive salad. I had 3 little chicken breast tenders for some extra filling protein powers. I dipped them in some Sierra Nevada Porter Honey Mustard.


I was really craving some dessert so I had a big juicy fuji apple.


then I headed back to work… totally stuffed.

I came home a little early and enjoyed another apple, gala this time with some maple almond butter.


My cousin, Grant is moving to college on Thursday so we had a going away bbq for him last night. I was really hungry before, and not too sure what foods would be there so I ate some raw green bell pepper with a little goddess dressing as a pre party snack.


With all the hustle and bustle at the party I forgot to take a picture of my eats. For appetizers I had 2 slices of really sweet watermelon.

For dinner I had simple salad and a burger on a huge leaf of iceberg lettuce with mustard, red onion and tomato. I had another burger, just the patty, after because I was still hungry.

Once I got home I had some cooked green beans that I stir-fried in liquid aminos and some cracked black pepper.

Call it a night! Day 1 of clean eating down.

Clean Eating, the first 4 days are the hardest

When I start a new diet (way of eating) it’s always super hard for the first few days. So much of my motivation comes from seeing results in my health and knowing I’ve gone x number of days without cheating. So for the first 4ish days it’s pretty hard to stick to my guns and get through all the hunger pangs, skittle cravings and lethargic afternoons. After 4 days I start feeling really really good. I just gotta get through Thursday!

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