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Monday Miscellany: On The Road And At Home

By Unefemme @DejaPseu

outerwear options for winter travel

Many thanks to all of you who shared ideas and suggestions on last week’s post about travel wardrobe planning for a December trip to Paris. I’ve decided to nix the knee boots idea, and will probably pack a second pair of weatherproof ankle boots, TBD. I’ve received and tried on the Uniqlo puffer coat, and while it’s nice and light, it’s a bit long in the waist and the non-detachable hood was a sticking point for me. I’d want either no hood or one I can remove. So back it goes. I’ve ordered a few more outerwear options to try, including this packable puffer coat with Primaloft and down, and the “Girl on the Go” insulated trench, recommended by several of you in comments. Both are offered in Petite sizes (yay!), and the trench is offered in Tall and Plus as well. I’ll report back on both of these as well as anything else I try that has good travel potential.

EMME Petite travel toiletries bag

Speaking of travel gear, I had a chance to try out the EMME Petite bag (gifted) on last week’s road trip with my sister. This size is perfect for short trips, and could also work as a toiletries bag for the gym, or to organize and store makeup. If you still haven’t tried the EMME bag, or are looking for gift ideas, the EMME Combo set (both regular and petite size bags) is offered at a special value price. And don’t forget to use code UNEFEMME at checkout for 20% off!

cabin style, knotty pine and plaid

If you’re considering a visit to the June Lake area, I’d definitely recommend the Double Eagle Resort & Spa. We stayed in one of the two bedroom cabins, which was simply but well-appointed, and very comfortable. The grounds are beautiful and have great views in every direction. We loved the knotty pine!

Jeune homme continues to do well in his new home. He’s been participating in weekly bowling as part of the Special Olympics program, which he really seems to enjoy. He spent this last weekend with us, and we’ve noticed over the last few months he’s become mellower and more cooperative. He both settles into his routines here, and is fine with going back to his “new house” on Sunday afternoons. We continue to be amazed and grateful for this residential program.

I’ve begun looking for a good beginning yoga class nearby. I figure I’ll start with yoga to help with mobility and flexibility, then perhaps add something else for aerobic conditioning, Zumba maybe. (A very fit 75-year-old I know swears by Zumba.) I’m not a gym rat, and am mostly looking for some routines I can incorporate at home. I’ve also been trying to remind myself to pay attention to my posture and not hunch over.

Hope your week is off to a good start! Do you have a fitness routine? Do you prefer to take classes or work out at home?

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