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Mommy: Pregnancy Story 1

By Dayverampas

I have a few friends who are trying to get a lean body after they saw my fitness progress. Most of them are very surprised to know that I have a kid. Some of them asked me what types of workout that suit them especially when trying to get their pre-natal weight. I must say that different people have their own different 'style' and 'preference' to do workout. Some of us would go for Zumba, or Insanity workout. But as for me, I'd stick to something that's more on building muscles, and burning some fats (i.e. HIIT, TaeBo, etc).

Some people told me that if I do weight lifting, then I should consider myself joining CrossFit. I've heard about this CrossFit thingy since 2011, when a friend of mine, Hank Heiner (not his real name but he's pretty 'well-known' amongst his Sabah Rhinos pals), share a lot of information about this CrossFit. I find it's pretty challenging and interesting but then my goal back then was only to get a flat abs, leaner arms and thighs. Yes. Hank still talk about his CrossFit, and I must admit that he's my inspiration and motivator when I was nearly giving up to get the body that I'm dying for. Thanks, buddy! I owe you pisang goreng! LOL!

Fitness is part of my life now, and I still do workout during my pregnancy, except that I am not allowed to do weight lifting (even my hubby and family prohibit me to hit the gym until I've fully completed my confinement period). Fortunately, my hubby bought a yoga mat and dumbbell (heavier than the old one) for me so I can do workout at home. Getting prepared for my delivery, and fit enough to do the pushes would be more than enough for me.

You might be interested with the following ongoing offers, these are things that I usually consume (and use) when I was busy doing my workout at the gym. I have to stop taking all these things and focus on my pregnancy at the moment. I may lose my abs but I found that being a pregnant mom is pretty challenging, too! :)

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And, if you're pregnant right now, you might also consider to try this one. I've been using this for a few months now. It's a great apps where it has almost everything - Pre-natal, Cardio, Resistance, etc. But, I shall let you know more about it later. Till then! :)

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