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Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas STOCKING STUFFER Christmas Competition Chaos by Stefanie of Sophie’s Letters

By Mommabethyname @MommaBeThyName

Stefanie of Sophie's LettersStefanie Rennecker is Mom to Sophie, a very energetic two-year old, and a mediocre wife to Shawn, whose age shall remain unlisted.  Stefanie likes to laugh at herself and her attempts at being a decent mom and working full-time. If she’s not laughing at herself, she’s crying and you can catch it all in her letters to her daughter at Sophie’s Letters.

The leftover Halloween candy was still fresh when the daunting task of Christmas loomed. I cannot even enjoy Thanksgiving. I used to love Thanksgiving. I loved the low-key holiday with my family and the days off. But since I became a Mom, Thanksgiving has become a blur, as I ready myself for what can only be considered a contact sport –  CHRISTMAS.

I recently read a blog about a woman’s thoughts on all of these “thankfulness” posts that are so popular this time of year. Her post talked about a yearly thanksgiving competition to be the MOST thankful on Facebook or personal blogs. Every year, some people try to be the most thoughtful or the wittiest writer of thanks for everything under the sun. I had a Facebook friend who was thankful for her toilet. Yuck. I loved her “Thanksgiving Thanks Throwdown” post and would link it here if I could find it. Too bad, I was too busy being thankful for my awesome organizing skills.

If the “Thanksgiving Thanks Throwdown” really does exist – and it does – then the “Christmas Competition Chaos” comes right after. Last year, I formed this idea while at dinner with my best friend. She lamented over how much she spent on last year’s Christmas cards.

“WHAT? HOW MUCH?” I snorted.

I laughed pretty hard, but not hysterically, because I knew how much I spent on my own Christmas cards.

“I paid two hundred thirty-four dollars and they are not even that cute!” she yelled.

She said she ordered a card with a picture on the back, so lucky Christmas card recipients could frame her kid’s picture after Christmas was over.

“Seriously, what is wrong with me? Why do moms do this? What person is going to want to frame a picture of my kid?” she asked me. Then, as justification, “You’d better frame our Christmas card!!”

She asked about my card. I told her about how cute it was. It might even have won the no-for-real “Christmas Card Competition” I created in my mind. It, too, had a picture on the back for later framing. And the card highlighted a totally natural scene of my kid throwing flour around in a color-coordinated kitchen that so perfectly matched her adorable Christmas jammies. And don’t forget the lovely bow on top of her head. Throw in some cutesy saying about “Sophie’s recipe for Holiday Cheer”. Seven full-color pictures. SEVEN. How in the heck am I going to top that? It is not possible. I am already getting a headache. This year, I got nothing. And I am panicking.

And this is just the dang card! Don’t even mention the search for the perfect Christmas outfit. I am so neurotic about this, I already have NEXT year’s outfit along with a matching red pea coat. Annnd another red Christmas pea coat in case she grows out of the first one. I found the outfit and coat last year and, although it was perfect, the smallest size was 3T. How dare they!

This year, after a month-long search, I did not find anything I liked. Frilly dresses aren’t my style. Then, out of the blue, I found the perfect little girl’s Christmas outfit. Later that same day, I found the perfect little girl’s Christmas outfit. Again.  I bought both, spent too much, and am ridiculously planning an outfit change midway through Christmas Eve. Yup. Totally sane here.

Then we can add in all the stress of Christmas decorations, holiday baking, and thoughtful gift giving. My mind races with all the wonderful Pinterest ideas. But I am close to throwing in the towel. I know the real reason for the season. My kid COULD wear pajamas all through the holidays and be just as happy. My Christmas card COULD feature my wonderful family in matching Fair Isle sweaters in front of our modest tree, smiling like we have all we’ve ever needed. And we do. But we also COULD look like we just stepped out of Martha Stewart’s Christmas edition. I just have to work a little harder. Why do I feel compelled to make things perfect and stress myself out? Why? I don’t KNOW, MARGO!

But really, did I miss the memo about a competition for Christmas cuteness? A battle for the best peanut butter buckeyes? A match for the merriest memories? A struggle for the snazziest Christmas scenery? A race for the raddest holiday wreath? A tournament for the year’s hottest toys?

If I missed the memo, I need to know how to get in touch with the judges. Someone owes me a trophy for last year’s Christmas card.

(Note from Momma: This is your Stocking Stuffer! Leave a comment here or at Greta’s Holiday Survival Guide to be entered to win a special treat, a $15 Starbucks Gift Card!)

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