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Moments of Inspiration: Live for You

By Lifestreasury
Moments of Inspiration: Live for
In this world we love competition, they most times put us out of line which definitely is not supposed to be so. I believe in the law of improvement than in the strive for competition.
Hello, thank you for taking out time to stop by here today and I will be discussing about living for you. In life there are so many factors to living.
There is influence, pressure, worries, conviction, competition and lots more.
These factors in most cases makes us shift perspective, makes us deviate from who we are to living for what we are not.
I will be treating all of these factors one after the other:
  • ·   Influence: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself, (as the dictionary said) and most times this is gotten from friends or the feeling to belong.

Rather than being influenced, be the influencer.
  • ·   Pressure: It is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.  Ehnnn!! dictionary wants to do me the thing, all I am trying to say is Pressure is the force on something. This can come from parents and friends. More often parents whereby we are under the pressure to study a course we don’t want to or do something we would not want to.

Most times coming from our parents, it could be love but then…...
If you do not live everyday doing what you love, you will live everyday acting what you do not love.
God made us for a reason and that reason we must find and achieve, our parents were created for a reason too, we are to obey them but not be subject to them, we owe our subjectness (if there is a word like that *winks) to God our creator. Our parents will want us to do things because of the love they have for us but then God wants us also to do things He wants for us and trust me most times His decision for us are independently communicated or passed across to us, it could come through the words of our parents or friends but most importantly seek His counsel first.
  • ·   Worries: I term this word with death because it is not easy to get off worries, it’s like you are about losing your brains. One worry leads to another. Worried about how people will see you if you live like this instead of like that, worried about how you will make the next person feel if you say the truth, worried about the dress you will wear and what people will think, worries about this or that.

The things you worry about yourself is what someone out there is praying for.
How many people worry about you? You worry about how people will look at your dress, or how people will think if you say this or say that, how many people bother if you wear clothes, if you have no food to eat how many people will be bothered?
The secret of existence is living for you. When you live for you, you find solutions to problems even before they come. You enjoy every moment and not bother what people think. The masterminds of your life are YOU and GOD, the earlier you begin to understand this the better for you and us. People grow to accept you for who you are when you live true and right, but people tend to pretend to accept you for who you are when you are acting to fit in and that fades in no time.
The last but not the least factor
  • ·   Competition: Chai! This is a destroyer, competing with people just when you can be the better one.

Rather than be the Competitor be the Competition.
All of these are phases I personally have gone through in life and I must say that every lesson learnt and I am still learning is amazing. The ability to live for you is priceless because so many people want to do that but find themselves deviating. It is a conscious effort and I pray that my little advice can make you think of making the change.
I Believe in you.
I will love to hear your thoughts too and please feel free to drop your advice in the comment box, someone might need it.

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