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Moment of Awakening

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Moment of Awakening

Dusk and dawn

Mystical transformation

Darkness to light

Stimulates the imagination

A moment of awakening

The subconscious mind

Lost between the layers

Of colorful time

Butterflies are born

When the color tics

No longer needed

Transforms in the mist

Life is change

A kaleidoscope

A metamorphic antidote

The quietest moments of the day

Are when time and color

Come out to play

Alive and vibrant

Riding toward the horizon

Sun-kissed wings

Clouds a-blazon

Colors slowly begin to fade

The suns flame, put out for the night

Fireflies appear

Nature’s nightlight

Time for a new cycle to start

As the color dies

And the sky turns dark

Renee Robinson

Moment of Awakening

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