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Modern Country Bathrooms: Best of Both Worlds

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Modern design uses sleek surfaces and clean lines to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Country bathrooms are known for their textural qualities through the use of wood, stone, and antique fixtures. When brought together, the two styles create a completely new style of interior that deserves recognition. But for now, we’ll call them modern country bathrooms.

In the link below, you’ll see beautiful examples of modern country bathrooms on The Interior Collective blog. These interiors find a way to balance the opposing forces of contrasting styles. A modern bathroom can also be country, and vice-versa. This is done by breaking up the clean lines of a modern design but still having a simple minimalist appeal. Or by adding textural accents, such as a wood vanity top or concrete sink. Follow the link below to see exactly what I mean.

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