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Modern Abstract Art: Expressionists Painting Techniques

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso

Abstract Expressionism art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

MOMA, the museum of modern art & the house of the best american modern abstract art collection in the world, made a superb exhibition around the modern abstract expressionists movement.

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Modern Abstract Paintings of the best artists of that period where shown all together. It was a superb moment not to be ever forgotten. Do you imagine watching a full art collection of abstract paintings of Kline, Newman, Rothko, Pollock and the rest all at the same time and in the same place?

modern abstract art, abstract art, modern art, abstract paintings, yasoypintor

Those abstract artists where real modern art heroes. What they did was absolutelly great and crazy. They did not want to follow any previous art rule, their art was valid, committed and will last forever. Their abstract art works, modern painting techniques and abstract art revolutionary ideas, changed the art panorama from then on. Don´t you agree?

Modern abstract art, modern paintings, abstract paintings, modern artists, yasoypintor

Why did this art movement happened at that time?. I guess there are many reasons apart from the inner artistic reasons of each abstract painter: The historic moment being lived at those days, the need of the USA to have contemporary artists known all around the world (which helped in the promotion), the movement of many european artists to North America due to world war II, the existance of brave modern art gallerists that decided to take the risk and promote this new way of making art… Would you add any other?

As part of this abstract art exhibition, several hiper interesting videos where created in which you can understand both the artistic reasons behind each abstract painter and its painting techniques.

I´m adding some of the videos I´ve discovered. Hope you enjoy them and helps you understand the value of what these abstract painters and committed artists did.

If you are reading this post, I guess it´s because you are an abstract art lover with art knowledge. What would you say to the ones whose opinion when watching this modern art is “my kids could perfectly make this ridiculous art”?

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By Dawid Michalczyk
posted on 25 March at 13:49
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I think very rarely kids could make good abstract art, but that would be by chance or luck, not something that they could repeatedly do.