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Modern Abstract Art and Artists: Studios (II)

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso

Abstract Art: Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Miró, Gerhard Richter, Willem de Kooning, Constantin Brancusi.

Last post I showed some interesting pictures of modern abstract artists studios. Given the high number of visits I have decided to show you some more.

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Are you a contemporary abstract artist : painter, sculptor, photographer …..? Would you like to have your abstract art studio posted here?. Contant me below, send me a good picture of it, and I will write a post including pictures of abstract artists studios.

Ok, lets start. Isn´t it interesting to be able to still see Constantin Brancusi modern sculpture studio in the above picture?. Do you think he started his famous endless column here?

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And what about Joan Miro´s studio. It can be visited at his Palma de Mallorca fundación. Once in, you still feel him working on any of his abstract paintings. What surprised me was that none of the paintings exhibited there were signed … simple artwork in process.

abstract art, modern art, contemporary artist, modern abstract art, yasoypintor

Who would you say it´s the above studio? …. Well, it´s Gerhard Richter´s one. If you search in youtube you can see videos of him making this world famous modern abstract paintings. Quite interesting exercise to do.

modern abstract art. contemporary art, modern artists, abstract artists

Yes, the above is Richard Diebenkorn drawing in this studio. Behind him I think there are some preparatory abstract drawings¿?¿? of his Ocean Park spectacular abstract paintings.

Abstract expressionism, modern art, contemporary abstract artists, modern abstract art

To finish this article, a picture of Willem de Kooning´s studio. I find interesting the way he was preparing the unfinished modern abstract paintings shown. I would say its charcoal but I´m not sure. Any body knows?

Well, this is all. Remenber to contact me below and send me a picture of your studio. With the pictures received and choosen I will make an article mentioning the artists websites.

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