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Model Magic Chameleon

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Model Magic Chameleon I started a new afterschool play dough class today, and after being shocked that twice as many kids came than I was expecting, I was thrilled to see how creative everyone got. This is not a paid endorsement, but I did use Crayola’s Model Magic, which is so soft and sticks together in the most wonderful way.
1. I wanted students to mix up their own green, so they were given small golf ball sizes of blue, yellow and white play dough and squeezed them all together until they turned green.
2. They set aside enough of the green to make the four legs, and rolled the rest into a tube. One end was pinched and thinned to make a curly tail. The spine was pinched to make a raised edge.
3. The remaining green was divided into four sections, rolled into tubes, and attached to the body.
4. Details were added, such as thin white toenails, spots on the back, eyes and tongue.
I can't get over the genius of Athena, a 3rd grander who make this chameleon. Don’t you just love the little fly on the tongue?

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