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Miracles & Magic

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Miracles & Magic

Surrender  yourself

Set yourself free

Take in a deep breath




Let it be


Instead of living

Life with disease



 A miracle

A prayer

A dream


Collect prayers

Miracles and magic



Eat healthy and seek

Alternative ways

To  be cured     

To enlighten

To change cancer’s ways


The  frame of mind

The key to healing

 Positive thought

Happy feelings


Bring some color into another life

Flavor with lots of seasoning

Creating memories

To outshine

Always full of great meaning


Life is a mural of seasons

Scents, colors and flavors

 Brilliant and free-flowing


I want to live like a song

To be a musical note


I want to dance each breath


As if conducted by Beethoven.

 I want my life to slowly

Drift away 

Toward the origin 

Of all music and love

And happy days

 Renee Robinson

Miracles & Magic

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