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Miracle of The Rose

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Miracle of The Rose

Miracle of The Rose

A delicate rose, A beauty of nature, A cycle of life

Past, present and future

Some no longer see, The sensational array

Of miraculous happenings, Always on display

The miracle of the rose, The spirit of the wind

Dusk to dawn, Souls transcend

Every moment replayed

Miraculous transformations

Between darkness and light, Energetic vibrations

Every breath we breathe, And all within sight

When a dream comes true. When a heart feels love

All life on earth. Every star above

From the moment of awakening, Until it is time to unwind

When all eyes drift shut, And the sun no longer shines

A ring of miracles, Circle everyday, A seed is sewn and soon will  grow

The beginning of a new cycle, A Divine, spectacular show

Walking around with our eyes closed, No longer able to see

The miracle of the rose

Renee Robinson

My favorite photographer, Anne Geddis:

Miracle of The Rose

Miracle of The Rose

Miracle of The Rose

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