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Minimize Your Travel Time to Work

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
In last 5 years of traveling in different directions to work, I have noted a pattern. Monday morning and Friday evenings boast of the densest traffic. Why, you may think. Well, there is no answer. Only theories. People travel out of city and are coming or going back on this route. Everyone is starting on the same time because no one wants to be late for office on Monday and party on Friday. People using the public travel prefer to use their private vehicles on these days. I, for the lack of patience to deal with the crowded public transport, drive on my own every single day, and pretty much follow the same timings every weekday. And because I am one of the few lucky ones who still lives in the same city she was born and grew up in, I do not fit into any of these brackets. So the only option I have is to bear it, or come up with some pointers that may help others like me. Here we go. 
  • Skew your schedule - start and end the day about one hour earlier from the rest of the office.
  • Know the alternative routes to work in case a particular point is stuck.
  • Health check your car for air and fuel on Sunday evening. Avoid to do it en route work.
  • Listen to radio for any sudden announcements of heavy traffic. If yes, the second bullet point may come handy.
  • Having a GPS enabled phone helps, specially on foggy winter mornings. Worked for me, twice.
  • Being connected with friends on common work route so that they can alarm you of any blockage. Thanks to my friends, who have been always kind enough to inform me of such incidents.
 This is my list of saving on the time on road, what is yours?

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