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Mini Onion Samosa Recipe

By Treatntrick
Mini Onion Samosa Recipe @
A favorite in our family, these savory bites are filled with curried onion and shallow fried.
I have made this Mini Samosa  in the past and now craving to eat them now. This time. I choose red onion to be stuffed in my samosa.
Make my Mini Onion Samosa smaller than the regular ones, it was just nice for one bite.  Feel free to vary the size by dividing the dough into lesser balls for bigger samosa.  Also used a combination of plain flour and whole wheat flour  that yield a slightly darker shade than  the normal samosa.
The onion stuffing was seasoned with chili powder to add some punch  but you can decrease of increase according to your tolerance.
As you know. regular samosas are deep fried but I prefer to shallow fry them.  This does not effect the taste of this Mini Onion Samosa at all, they are still turned awesome.
Come, enjoy these bite sized beauties  with a cup of your favorite drink.
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Mini Onion Samosa Recipe @
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