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Mini Cupcake Daffodils

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Mini Cupcake Daffodils I spied these cute mini cupcake liners at Michaels, and they worked perfectly for a kinder daffodil collage today. The only change was they cut triangles for petals instead of the trickier curvy ones. 1. I needed lots of yellow, green and blue paper (for 6 kinder classes) and found just what I needed at Staples. Look in their copy paper aisle for card stock blue and yellow and green reams of paper. Students first cut three stems and glue them across the blue paper. Leaves are added to each. 2. Cut about 5 petals for each flower, and glue them around the top of each stem. Kinders will do better with just cutting large triangles.  3. Take one liner, turn it inside out so that the yellow is on the inside (usually white is) and glue to each flower. 4. Add about 4 or 5 little yellow beans for the seeds inside.

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