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Minecraft on the Brain + Advice

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
I play minecraft at least 3 times a week and use a server with a few mates now and again, the world of minecraft is vast and the content is great fun at the end of a busy day.
A few days ago i came away from uni a bit stressed and felt annoyed so went on modern warfare 3 and then felt frustrated by that game so went on the minecraft server and built a tower on the server, after building with no real plan i made this tower that can be seen from miles around...
After doing this i felt calmer and more relaxed and felt better about the incidents that had amounted to get me stressed in the first place
But i have some advice for any minecraft player that wants a really cool texture pack its called
Ovo's Rustic v1.7zip 
The textures are so nice and clean and the feel of the game is greatly improved by the homely feel of things..
so if you want a great texture pack find it at the forums and get it because it is great
thanks for reading

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