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Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks

By Dianefergurson
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift PicksThe Holiday Season has arrived, and once again Diane Fergurson and Abby Horowitz have put
together some of their favorite Mind Body Spirit related items that they have found online.  This is the
4th year that the Mind Body Spirit Odyssey has featured this list, and every year it's popularity continues to grow. Some of the products that are featured may be familiar to you because they were previously featured on the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace Facebook Page, which is updated with new items everyday.  Others are Diane and Abby's personal favorites.  Some of the products are handcrafted and available from independent shop owners, others are traditionally manufactured and sold through online retail sites.
For additional gift ideas, you might want to revisit the  2012 Gift Picks List, and even go back and look at the 2011 Holiday Gift Pick List, and 2010  selections.
There is lot to look at and enjoy!  You will definitely find something for everyone on your list - and even for yourself!
Hope your Holiday Season is a healthy and happy one.  Stay positive and thank you for following The Mind Body Spirit Marketplace Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pinterest page.  Also for supporting and following this blog.  
(Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends about us -  spread the word!)
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Gift ideas from Abby :
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Connie, the creator of Eco Chic Soaps says that OH! Christmas Tree Handmade Soap smells just like the forest did when you were a kid chopping down that Christmas tree with your folks - piney, brisk and fresh. It's a fantastic "woodsy" scent; the pine notes really come out in the soap, making it a "must have" for the Holiday Season! Her shop is filled with wonderful gifts for the season! 
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
This handmade wire wrapped necklace features three rough-cut clear quartz crystals ranging in size from 1.12 to 1.25 inches, accompanied by silver moon and sun charms on hanging chains.  The perfect gift for your favorite Christmas Angel!  ArianaSierz creates a wonderful array of talismans, necklaces, and earrings featuring angels, fairies, deities, day of the dead, crystals and minerals. Seventeen year old Ariana has late stage Lyme Disease and the money she earns from her shop helps with the cost of her treatments.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
HeidiLane created this lovely Gratitude Candle to create a sacred space to celebrate the holiday season, meditate, pray or simply sit in silence as you thank your creator for the gift of love and life. She hand rolls each candle upon ordering and lightly anoints each sheet of pure beeswax with her own anointing and blessing oil. Each candle has 1 mini clear quartz crystal tucked in the base that has been set with the intention of Gratitude and Giving Thanks to our Creator. Each beautiful crystal has been charged under the Full Moon and basked in the rays of the Summer Sun. Her shop is filled with wonderful gifts!
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Julia Pasichnyck makes colorful environmentallyfriendly baby toys. This braided toy of wooden beech and juniper beads and organic cotton thread is the perfect gift for the special little one in your life!  She says that this interesting accessory helps your child to see and distinguish colors and develop fine motor skills. This toy is made entirely from natural materials in the Carpathian Mountains!

Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Lauren Gray’s shop was born of her love of woodworking, crystals, and minerals. She offers Crystal and Mineral Curio Sets as well as art prints, sage, and beautiful examples of her woodworking.

The smoke of white sage has been used for centuries as a natural incense and for smudging purposes. It is a great way to cleanse your home, your work space and of course your crystals and minerals of negative energy.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Robert from Belfast, Northern Ireland creates these lovely hand made Dreamcatchers.  You can choose one from his shop or have one created especially for you. Choose your favorite colors for web, trim, beads & feathers. A great gift to keep those bad dreams at bay!
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift PicksWhen I found KV’s shop, I knew it was very special.  She tells us that it is her soul's purpose to bring us tools that help us to stay grounded during these shifting times as we move into a new epoch. She has created several items that help us to remember who we really are so that we can take charge of our life and truly BE the master co-creator we are so that we can set our dreams into motion. She offers custom Birth Chart Books up to 80 pages!  I know I’ll be ordering several of these.  Check out her wonderful shop!
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Are you or someone you know struggling with expressing their creativity? This is an amazing gift for anyone who has wanted to draw, paint, write, or compose music. The Artist’s Way helps you to find the artist within through a 12-week program that takes you on a journey of discovery.  The seeker will learn how to unlock their hidden creativity, break through blocks, and how to connect with the energies of the universe. 
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Kat O'Sullivan’s sells the most amazing Sweater Coats and lucky for us she also offers instructions on how to create your own!  What a perfect gift for someone who loves to sew and has lots of old well loved sweaters just waiting to be given a new life!  Check out her shop and see for yourself!  A wildly colorful Sweater Coat just may be in your future or someone you gift with her wonderful Guide to Sweater Coats!
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Oriana Rodman’s SantaFeOrnaments Shop on Etsy is filled with enchanting examples of her colorful artwork that is inspired by the diverse cultures of her beloved SantaFe. The ornaments feature sacred hearts, retablos, owls & hawks, milagros, birds & hawks.  Stop by her shop and get lost in her imagination!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Gift ideas from Diane

Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Silver and Earth creates a gorgeous line of earthy, organic jewelry which combines natural elements with natural gemstones, fossils, and exotic beads.  Featured is a stunning Red Jasper and Silver Pendant - one of may gorgeous pieces in their shop on Etsy.  #SilverandEarth is also one of the original sellers in the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace when it was located on 1000 Markets.  I love how their work has evolved over the last few years.  so lovely ~
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
When we spotlighted The Yoga Poster earlier this year in our Marketplace on FaceBook, it was easily one of our most popular features.  The poster is a visual guide to the practice of yoga...and I can't think of a nicer, affordable gift to give someone who is really into their practice.
#TheYogaPoster can be purchased on Etsy.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
I originally purchased Stones of the New Consciousness by Robert Simmons at a gem and mineral show earlier this year, but was surprised when I found out the other day that my local New Age Shop also had numerous copies in stock.  This book is not a lightweight intro reading guide.  It is a thorough, in-depth guide to sixty-two of the most important stones for awakening and healing, while exploring the attunement relationship between man and mineral.  Definitely a good gift idea for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base on gems, minerals, crystals and healing. 
Also - if you have not checked out our intro series, Gemstones of the Zodiac, here is a link that will get you there.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift PicksI know what you're thinking....
I had my doubts too, but honestly, this is probably one of the best cookbooks to be released recently containing recipes for healthy, natural, clean eating.  This book has become a go-to both in my household for sure, especially since it contains recipes that are both gluten-free and vegetarian (although there are plenty of meat and fish dishes too).  Everything our family has cooked from this book has been wonderful.  Doesn't get any better then that!
Good job Gweneth!
Available on Amazon.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
This is one of cutest kids' toys I've seen in quite awhile.  My First Buddha is one of several great items in Dharma Crafts' Children's Collection which is available on their website.  A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of My First Buddha goes to Save the Children, the world's largest child protection organization.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Lavender Cottage on Etsy is another former 1000 Markets shop that we had the pleasure to re-connect with earlier this year.  Sterling sliver artisan jewelry that is made by hand - the pieces reflecting love of the natural world around us.  Featured is their gorgeous Bee Ring, one of many stunning choices in this beautiful shop.
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Colorado photographer Julie Magers Soulen is known for her stunning shots of the natural world.  Putting these images on to cards however, has given them a whole different life.  This gorgeous butterfly card set astounds me every time I see it.  One of many beautiful card sets available through her shop on Etsy.  A lovely gift for someone special! 
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Another of our features which gained quite a bit of attention earlier this year, was the stunning, hand painted scarfs from Australian artist  #Shovava on Etsy.  A wonderfully unique gift that is definitely reasonably priced.  Many different wing and bird styles are available. Just gorgeous ~ 
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Continuing forward with the winged theme...
Kino Lorber is releasing the DVD version of the very interesting and informative documentary More Than Honey in a few weeks.
It's available for pre-order from Amazon, or you can purchase it as a download.  The film profiles the current decimation of bees and beehives that is spreading globally.  50% to 90% of all local beehives have disappeared.  A very education and timely film...  Narrated by John Hurt.
In addition, last year as one of our Gift Picks, you may remember we featured a beautiful screen printed Bee Mandala Shirt by astrolaboratory on Etsy.  Part of the proceeds from that shirt go to the North American Pollinator Project.  Definitely worth checking out again ~
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
The Hermetic Tarot was originally released by US Games in 1979, and was brought back by popular demand.  I ran across the deck during my travels this summer, and was absolutely knocked over by the amazing black and white illustrations (by Godfrey Dowson) and also the powerful symbolism depicted.  This deck is a great addition to anyone's tarot deck collection.  Some people collect decks to use to use for divination, other people collect for the artwork.  Whichever you are interested in, this one is a must.  Very powerful deck ~  Available on Amazon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you to our blog contributors this year:
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Galleira di Giani
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Jude McConkey Photography
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Karen Casey-Smith
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Salt Springs Malas
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Adam Fergurson
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Darren Orr
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Abby Horowitz Designs
Mind Body Spirit Holiday Gift Picks
Diane Fergurson
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