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Million Dollar Blueberry Muffins

By Selina Hoit
Alright friends,
I debated sharing this recipe because it's SO amazing that I could have become incredibly wealthy by starting up my own blueberry muffin shop and selling just these :-)  I knew that once the recipe got out on the World Wide Web my dream could be over - nothing is secret on the internet - nothing :-)
But then I realized that I'm not that type of person, I share good things - hee,hee.
Million Dollar Blueberry Muffins
I got this typed recipe from my daughter's highschool Home Ec class.  Actually, I haven't made these myself, but my daughter has baked them many times as people have even told her they will pay her if she makes them a dozen. These muffins are SO moist with perfect texture and the crumble topping makes them irresistible!
Once you try these, you will understand why people pay her AND thank me for not holding on to the family dream of Selina's Blueberry Muffin Coffee Shop (that was going to make millions with this amazing recipe that I was going to keep all to myself) ;-)
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