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Mike Larson is Coming to Jacksonville, FL

By Scarlettandstephen

Mike Larson is coming to Jacksonville, FL

Mike Larson is coming to Jacksonville, FL

Mike Larson is what we truly believe it means to be a leader, photographer, business owner, mentor & friend. It was a few years back at WPPI in Las Vegas when he approached us as we walked the trade-show floor, started a conversation and this led to a strong friendship with he & amazing wife Rachel. Soon after, we ended up spending time with them in California while he shot our engagement session. Mike & Rachel have had such a great impact on our lives that we were honored to ask him to stand up in our wedding as a groomsman. He is one of the greatest people we’ve ever known in our lives. He leaves an incredible impact on anyone he talks with, even if it’s only for a brief moment.

Based in San Luis Obispo, California, Mike specializes in shooting estate and vineyard weddings all around the world.  Recently, he’s been busy flying to Italy to shoot weddings, and we’ve been asking Mike for months to let us know when he is available in busy schedule to speak at the Jacksonville PUG & host his renowned {Developing Your Style Workshop}. The time has finally come and Mike will be joining us in Jacksonville and speaking at the PUG for a free presentation on October 26th. He will be hosting his full day workshop the following day.

We’ve had the honor of seeing Mike share on these topic’s previously and if you’re looking to run your business the way it deserves to be run, understand & start developing your style & become better as a photographer and the way you interact with your clients… then this workshop is for you and we highly, highly suggest you make the time and investment to attend both the PUG and Workshop this month. It’s a very rare occasion for Mike to be in Jacksonville and this is the opportunity to take advantage of learning from an amazing leader. This is an opportunity for your business to go far.

In his workshop you’ll learn

Mike Larson is coming to Jacksonville, FL

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Here is a special message from Mike himself:

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