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Microwave Spiced Potato Chips Recipe

By Treatntrick
Microwave Spiced Potato Chips Recipe @
Enjoy your potato chips in  a quicker and healthier way using microwave.
I discover this Microwave Spiced Potato Chips recipe by browsing You Tube channels and so excited to give it a try.  Used 2 large peeled potato for this experiment.  You may leave the skin on if you like.
Slice the potato really thin by hand or using a mandolin.  Soak them in cold water to remove excess starch.
Leave to dry completely  by wiping with clean towel.  Coat with oil and spices or just add salt and pepper. .
Arrange potato chips in a single layer on oiled microwave proof plate.  Baked mine for 14 minutes using Medium setting.  This varies according  to  individual wattage of  microwave oven so adjust accordingly.
This Microwave Spiced Potato Chips won the hearts of my family.  They are crunchy, well  spiced and addictive.
Microwave Spiced Potato Chips Recipe @
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