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Microsoft Create Battle Sword for Smartphone

Posted on the 18 July 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Battle Sword for Smartphone
Microsoft Research to create a 'technology hardware localization' that allows smartphone users with a sword fight, or fight a virtual sword. The team from Microsoft Research called 'FAR', and has been applied in a game called SwordFight. Not just a sword fight, fight while on horseback using spears can also be done. The trick is based on sensing movement, or acceleration. SwordFight is indeed based on proximity. A cell phone emits a rapid stream of tiny voices, while other phones listen to the voice through a microphone. Then the system will calculate the distance by calculating the required timeframe to the microphone sound. Virtual sword The goal is to (almost) stabbing the opponent smartphone handed manner. A puncture can be done within a distance of 15 cm and the attackers were identified using the accelerometer. Tests have shown that this can be accurate within 2 cm. The interesting part of this new technology is that it uses the ability of smartphones in general, the microphone, speaker and accelerometer. This means SwordFight can be used in all brands of smartphones and operating systems. via Teknoup

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